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npm doctor [ping] [registry] [versions] [environment] [permissions] [cache]


Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.



npm doctor 运行一组检查以确保你的 npm 安装具有管理 JavaScript 包所需的内容。npm 主要是一个独立的工具,但它确实有一些必须满足的基本要求:

npm doctor runs a set of checks to ensure that your npm installation has what it needs to manage your JavaScript packages. npm is mostly a standalone tool, but it does have some basic requirements that must be met:

  • Node.js 和 git 必须可由 npm 执行。

    Node.js and git must be executable by npm.

  • 主 npm 注册表 或其他使用注册表 API 的服务可用。

    The primary npm registry,, or another service that uses the registry API, is available.

  • npm 使用的目录 node_modules(本地和全局)存在并且可以由当前用户写入。

    The directories that npm uses, node_modules (both locally and globally), exist and can be written by the current user.

  • npm 缓存存在,并且其中的包 tarball 没有损坏。

    The npm cache exists, and the package tarballs within it aren't corrupt.

如果所有这些都不能正常工作,npm 可能无法正常工作。很多问题往往是由于 npm 代码库之外的东西造成的,所以 npm doctor 确认 npm 安装处于良好状态。

Without all of these working properly, npm may not work properly. Many issues are often attributable to things that are outside npm's code base, so npm doctor confirms that the npm installation is in a good state.

此外,除此之外,由于使用旧版本的 npm,也有非常多的问题报告。由于 npm 在不断改进,运行 npm@latest 比旧版本更好。

Also, in addition to this, there are also very many issue reports due to using old versions of npm. Since npm is constantly improving, running npm@latest is better than an old version.

npm doctor 验证你的环境中的以下项目,如果有任何建议的更改,它将显示它们。默认情况下,npm 运行所有这些检查。你可以通过将检查指定为额外参数来限制运行哪些检查。

npm doctor verifies the following items in your environment, and if there are any recommended changes, it will display them. By default npm runs all of these checks. You can limit what checks are ran by specifying them as extra arguments.

npm ping

默认情况下,npm 从主 npm 注册表 安装。npm doctor 命中注册表中的一个特殊 ping 端点。这也可以用 npm ping 检查。如果此检查失败,你可能正在使用需要配置的代理,或者可能需要与你的 IT 人员交谈以通过 HTTPS 访问

By default, npm installs from the primary npm registry, npm doctor hits a special ping endpoint within the registry. This can also be checked with npm ping. If this check fails, you may be using a proxy that needs to be configured, or may need to talk to your IT staff to get access over HTTPS to

此检查针对你配置的任何注册表进行(你可以通过运行 npm config get registry 查看它的内容),如果你使用的私有注册表不支持主注册表支持的 /whoami 端点,则此检查可能会失败.

This check is done against whichever registry you've configured (you can see what that is by running npm config get registry), and if you're using a private registry that doesn't support the /whoami endpoint supported by the primary registry, this check may fail.

npm -v

虽然 Node.js 可能与特定版本的 npm 打包在一起,但 CLI 团队的政策是,我们建议所有用户尽可能运行 npm@latest。由于 CLI 由一小部分贡献者维护,因此只有一条开发线的资源,因此 npm 自己的长期支持版本通常只接收关键的安全和回归修复。该团队认为,最新测试的 npm 版本几乎总是可能是 npm 中功能最多且无缺陷的版本。

While Node.js may come bundled with a particular version of npm, it's the policy of the CLI team that we recommend all users run npm@latest if they can. As the CLI is maintained by a small team of contributors, there are only resources for a single line of development, so npm's own long-term support releases typically only receive critical security and regression fixes. The team believes that the latest tested version of npm is almost always likely to be the most functional and defect-free version of npm.

node -v

对于大多数用户来说,在大多数情况下,最好的 Node 版本将是最新的长期支持 (LTS) 版本。那些想要访问新的 ECMAscript 功能或对 Node 标准库进行前沿更改的人可能正在运行更新的版本,并且由于企业变更控制策略,有些人可能需要运行旧版本的 Node。没关系!但总的来说,npm 团队建议大多数用户运行 Node.js LTS。

For most users, in most circumstances, the best version of Node will be the latest long-term support (LTS) release. Those of you who want access to new ECMAscript features or bleeding-edge changes to Node's standard library may be running a newer version, and some may be required to run an older version of Node because of enterprise change control policies. That's OK! But in general, the npm team recommends that most users run Node.js LTS.

npm config get registry

你可能正在为你的项目或公司从私有包注册表安装。那太棒了!其他人可能会关注教程或 StackOverflow 问题,以解决你可能遇到的问题。有时,这可能需要更改你指向的注册表。npm doctor 的这一部分只是让你,也许是帮助你获得支持的人,知道你没有使用默认注册表。

You may be installing from private package registries for your project or company. That's great! Others may be following tutorials or StackOverflow questions in an effort to troubleshoot problems you may be having. Sometimes, this may entail changing the registry you're pointing at. This part of npm doctor just lets you, and maybe whoever's helping you with support, know that you're not using the default registry.

which git

虽然它在 README 中有记录,但 npm 需要安装 Git 来完成它所做的许多事情可能并不明显。此外,在某些情况下(尤其是在 Windows 上),你可能将 Git 设置为无法通过 PATH 访问,以便 npm 可以找到它。此检查确保 Git 可用。

While it's documented in the README, it may not be obvious that npm needs Git installed to do many of the things that it does. Also, in some cases – especially on Windows – you may have Git set up in such a way that it's not accessible via your PATH so that npm can find it. This check ensures that Git is available.


Permissions checks

  • 你的缓存必须可由运行 npm 的用户读写。

    Your cache must be readable and writable by the user running npm.

  • 全局包二进制文件必须可由运行 npm 的用户写入。

    Global package binaries must be writable by the user running npm.

  • 你的本地 node_modules 路径,如果你使用项目目录运行 npm doctor,则运行 npm 的用户必须是可读写的。

    Your local node_modules path, if you're running npm doctor with a project directory, must be readable and writable by the user running npm.


Validate the checksums of cached packages

发布 npm 包时,发布过程会生成一个校验和,npm 在安装时使用该校验和来验证包在传输过程中没有损坏。npm doctor 使用这些校验和来验证本地缓存中的包 tarball(你可以使用 npm config get cache 查看该缓存的位置)。如果你的缓存中有损坏的包,你可能应该运行 npm cache clean -f 并重置缓存。

When an npm package is published, the publishing process generates a checksum that npm uses at install time to verify that the package didn't get corrupted in transit. npm doctor uses these checksums to validate the package tarballs in your local cache (you can see where that cache is located with npm config get cache). In the event that there are corrupt packages in your cache, you should probably run npm cache clean -f and reset the cache.




npm 注册表的基本 URL。

The base URL of the npm registry.


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