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So sad to see you go.

sudo npm uninstall npm -g

或者,如果失败,请获取 npm 源代码,然后执行以下操作:

Or, if that fails, get the npm source code, and do:

sudo make uninstall


More Severe Uninstalling

通常,上述说明就足够了。这将删除 npm,但留下你已安装的任何内容。

Usually, the above instructions are sufficient. That will remove npm, but leave behind anything you've installed.


If that doesn't work, or if you require more drastic measures, continue reading.

请注意,这仅对全局安装的包是必需的。本地安装完全包含在项目的 node_modules 文件夹中。删除那个文件夹,一切都消失了,除非包的安装脚本特别不正常。

Note that this is only necessary for globally-installed packages. Local installs are completely contained within a project's node_modules folder. Delete that folder, and everything is gone unless a package's install script is particularly ill-behaved.

这假设你在默认位置安装了 node 和 npm。如果你使用不同的 --prefix 配置 node,或者使用不同的前缀设置安装 npm,则相应地调整路径,将 /usr/local 替换为你的安装前缀。

This assumes that you installed node and npm in the default place. If you configured node with a different --prefix, or installed npm with a different prefix setting, then adjust the paths accordingly, replacing /usr/local with your install prefix.

要手动删除所有与 npm 相关的内容:

To remove everything npm-related manually:

rm -rf /usr/local/{lib/node{,/.npm,_modules},bin,share/man}/npm*

如果你用 npm 安装了东西,那么最好的办法是先用 npm 卸载它们,然后在正确安装后再次安装它们。这可以帮助找到周围的任何符号链接:

If you installed things with npm, then your best bet is to uninstall them with npm first, and then install them again once you have a proper install. This can help find any symlinks that are lying around:

ls -laF /usr/local/{lib/node{,/.npm},bin,share/man} | grep npm

在 0.3 版之前,npm 将 shim 文件用于可执行文件和 node 模块。要追踪这些,你可以执行以下操作:

Prior to version 0.3, npm used shim files for executables and node modules. To track those down, you can do the following:

find /usr/local/{lib/node,bin} -exec grep -l npm \{\} \; ;


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