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npm profile enable-2fa [auth-only|auth-and-writes]
npm profile disable-2fa
npm profile get [<key>]
npm profile set <key> <value>


Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.




Change your profile information on the registry. Note that this command depends on the registry implementation, so third-party registries may not support this interface.

  • npm profile get [<property>]:显示你的配置文件的所有属性,或一个或多个特定属性。看起来像:

    npm profile get [<property>]: Display all of the properties of your profile, or one or more specific properties. It looks like:

| name | example |
| email | (verified) |
| two factor auth | auth-and-writes |
| fullname | Example User |
| homepage | |
| freenode | |
| twitter | |
| github | |
| created | 2015-02-26T01:38:35.892Z |
| updated | 2017-10-02T21:29:45.922Z |
  • npm profile set <property> <value>:设置配置文件属性的值。你可以通过这种方式设置以下属性:电子邮件、全名、主页、freenode、twitter、github

    npm profile set <property> <value>: Set the value of a profile property. You can set the following properties this way: email, fullname, homepage, freenode, twitter, github

  • npm profile set password:更改你的密码。这是交互式的,系统会提示你输入当前密码和新密码。如果你启用了双重身份验证,系统还会提示你输入 OTP。

    npm profile set password: Change your password. This is interactive, you'll be prompted for your current password and a new password. You'll also be prompted for an OTP if you have two-factor authentication enabled.

  • npm profile enable-2fa [auth-and-writes|auth-only]:启用双重身份验证。默认为 auth-and-writes 模式。模式是:

    npm profile enable-2fa [auth-and-writes|auth-only]: Enables two-factor authentication. Defaults to auth-and-writes mode. Modes are:

    • auth-only:登录或更改账户身份验证时需要 OTP。网站和命令行都需要 OTP。

      auth-only: Require an OTP when logging in or making changes to your account's authentication. The OTP will be required on both the website and the command line.

    • auth-and-writesauth-only 始终需要 OTP,并且在发布模块、设置 latest dist-tag 或通过 npm accessnpm owner 更改访问权限时也需要 OTP。

      auth-and-writes: Requires an OTP at all the times auth-only does, and also requires one when publishing a module, setting the latest dist-tag, or changing access via npm access and npm owner.

  • npm profile disable-2fa:禁用双重身份验证。

    npm profile disable-2fa: Disables two-factor authentication.



其中一些命令在非 注册表上可能不可用。

Some of these commands may not be available on non registries.




npm 注册表的基本 URL。

The base URL of the npm registry.


  • 默认值:false

    Default: false

  • 类型:布尔值

    Type: Boolean

是否输出 JSON 数据,而不是正常输出。

Whether or not to output JSON data, rather than the normal output.

  • npm pkg set 中,它可以使用 JSON.parse() 解析集合值,然后再将它们保存到你的 package.json

    In npm pkg set it enables parsing set values with JSON.parse() before saving them to your package.json.

并非所有 npm 命令都支持。

Not supported by all npm commands.


  • 默认值:false

    Default: false

  • 类型:布尔值

    Type: Boolean

从写入标准输出的命令输出可解析的结果。对于 npm search,这将是制表符分隔的表格格式。

Output parseable results from commands that write to standard output. For npm search, this will be tab-separated table format.


  • 默认值:null

    Default: null

  • 类型:空值或字符串

    Type: null or String

这是来自双重身份验证器的一次性密码。使用 npm access 发布或更改包权限时需要它。

This is a one-time password from a two-factor authenticator. It's needed when publishing or changing package permissions with npm access.

如果未设置,并且注册表响应失败并询问一次性密码,npm 将在命令行上提示输入一次密码。

If not set, and a registry response fails with a challenge for a one-time password, npm will prompt on the command line for one.


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