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npm owner add <user> <package-spec>
npm owner rm <user> <package-spec>
npm owner ls <package-spec>
alias: author




Manage ownership of published packages.

  • ls:列出所有有权修改包和推送新版本的用户。当你需要知道向谁寻求帮助时非常方便。

    ls: List all the users who have access to modify a package and push new versions. Handy when you need to know who to bug for help.

  • add:添加一个新用户作为包的维护者。此用户可以修改元数据、发布新版本和添加其他所有者。

    add: Add a new user as a maintainer of a package. This user is enabled to modify metadata, publish new versions, and add other owners.

  • rm:从包所有者列表中删除用户。这立即撤销了他们的特权。

    rm: Remove a user from the package owner list. This immediately revokes their privileges.


Note that there is only one level of access. Either you can modify a package, or you can't. Future versions may contain more fine-grained access levels, but that is not implemented at this time.

如果你使用 auth-and-writes(请参阅 npm-profile)启用了双重身份验证,那么在更改所有权时你将需要通过第二个因素流程,或者在 --otp 的命令行中包含一个 otp。

If you have two-factor authentication enabled with auth-and-writes (see npm-profile) then you'll need to go through a second factor flow when changing ownership or include an otp on the command line with --otp.




npm 注册表的基本 URL。

The base URL of the npm registry.


  • 默认值:null

    Default: null

  • 类型:空值或字符串

    Type: null or String

这是来自双重身份验证器的一次性密码。使用 npm access 发布或更改包权限时需要它。

This is a one-time password from a two-factor authenticator. It's needed when publishing or changing package permissions with npm access.

如果未设置,并且注册表响应失败并询问一次性密码,npm 将在命令行上提示输入一次密码。

If not set, and a registry response fails with a challenge for a one-time password, npm will prompt on the command line for one.


  • 默认值:


  • 类型:字符串(可以设置多次)

    Type: String (can be set multiple times)


Enable running a command in the context of the configured workspaces of the current project while filtering by running only the workspaces defined by this configuration option.

workspace 配置的有效值为:

Valid values for the workspace config are either:

  • 工作区名称

    Workspace names

  • 工作区目录的路径

    Path to a workspace directory

  • 父工作区目录的路径(将导致选择该文件夹中的所有工作区)

    Path to a parent workspace directory (will result in selecting all workspaces within that folder)

npm init 命令设置时,可以将其设置为尚不存在的工作区的文件夹,以创建文件夹并将其设置为项目中的全新工作区。

When set for the npm init command, this may be set to the folder of a workspace which does not yet exist, to create the folder and set it up as a brand new workspace within the project.


This value is not exported to the environment for child processes.


  • 默认值:null

    Default: null

  • 类型:空值或布尔值

    Type: null or Boolean

设置为 true 可在所有已配置工作区的上下文中运行该命令。

Set to true to run the command in the context of all configured workspaces.

显式将此设置为 false 将导致像 install 这样的命令完全忽略工作区。未明确设置时:

Explicitly setting this to false will cause commands like install to ignore workspaces altogether. When not set explicitly:

  • node_modules 树上运行的命令(安装、更新等)会将工作区链接到 node_modules 文件夹。* 执行其他操作(测试、执行、发布等)的命令将在根项目上运行,除非在 workspace 配置中指定了一个或多个工作区。

    Commands that operate on the node_modules tree (install, update, etc.) will link workspaces into the node_modules folder. - Commands that do other things (test, exec, publish, etc.) will operate on the root project, unless one or more workspaces are specified in the workspace config.


This value is not exported to the environment for child processes.


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