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npm deprecate <package-spec> <message>


Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.



此命令将更新包的 npm 注册表项,向所有尝试安装它的人提供弃用警告。

This command will update the npm registry entry for a package, providing a deprecation warning to all who attempt to install it.

它适用于 版本范围 以及特定版本,因此你可以执行以下操作:

It works on version ranges as well as specific versions, so you can do something like this:

npm deprecate my-thing@"< 0.2.3" "critical bug fixed in v0.2.3"

传递给此命令的 SemVer 范围被解释为包含预发布版本。例如:

SemVer ranges passed to this command are interpreted such that they do include prerelease versions. For example:

npm deprecate my-thing@1.x "1.x is no longer supported"

在这种情况下,版本 my-thing@1.0.0-beta.0 也将被弃用。

In this case, a version my-thing@1.0.0-beta.0 will also be deprecated.

你必须是包所有者才能弃用某些东西。请参阅 owneradduser 帮助主题。

You must be the package owner to deprecate something. See the owner and adduser help topics.

要取消弃用包,请为 message 参数指定一个空字符串 ("")。请注意,你必须使用不带空格的双引号来格式化空字符串。

To un-deprecate a package, specify an empty string ("") for the message argument. Note that you must use double quotes with no space between them to format an empty string.




npm 注册表的基本 URL。

The base URL of the npm registry.


  • 默认值:null

    Default: null

  • 类型:空值或字符串

    Type: null or String

这是来自双重身份验证器的一次性密码。使用 npm access 发布或更改包权限时需要它。

This is a one-time password from a two-factor authenticator. It's needed when publishing or changing package permissions with npm access.

如果未设置,并且注册表响应失败并询问一次性密码,npm 将在命令行上提示输入一次密码。

If not set, and a registry response fails with a challenge for a one-time password, npm will prompt on the command line for one.


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